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Suspension Point System Monitored by NITA for Junior Players

The vast majority of our NITA players exhibit high standards of sportsmanshipwhile playing in tournaments. However, the USTA/Midwest Section has requested that all districts keep track of code violations given on court to players as well as other off court behaviors and decisions that are not appropriate under USTA rules.  NITA implemented a system of suspension points beginning in January of 2009.  NITA receives and accept code violations and suspension points given to any of our players by tournaments they play outside of our district.  These violations are automatically sent to NITA from the other districts.   

The suspension point system can be viewed and printed here.  The point system is the same as USTA/Midwest uses for Midwest level tournaments and championships in terms of suspension points assessed for various violations.

When a player has received 10 suspension points, notification of suspension will be sent to them via registered letter.   They will then have a 10 day period to appeal before the eight week suspension from tournament play goes into effect. Other districts in the Midwest will also honor suspensions given, so that players are prohibited from playing anywhere in the Midwest.

Based on information from other districts, the greatest number of suspension points given to players come from DEFAULTS of all types (including adult decision), and NO SHOWS during tournament play, as well from players entering two tournaments that have overlapping dates without receiving WRITTEN permission from BOTH tournament directors. All of our players should become familiar with these types of administrative penalties, in addition to maintaining appropriate behavior on court.

Further information will be posted on our website under Junior Competition and Tournaments.  If you have questions, contact  Pam Delnagro, Executive Director via email:  pam@northernillinoistennis.com .