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USTA/Midwest Section Celebrates Black Futures Month

February 1, 2013 12:35 AM
February is Black History Month, and the USTA/Midwest Section is honoring the past by celebrating our future and featuring current local junior players, volunteers and coaches throughout the month.  Each week two members of the USTA/Midwest Section will be profiled and highlighted during this month long celebration.
Please visit usta.com for more coverage about the African American legends of the past and champions of today.

Tayo Bailey- Indianapolis, Ind.


As a former all-conference player for the Butler Bulldogs in Indianapolis, Tayo Bailey was hired as head women's tennis coach in June 2012. Bailey returned to her alma mater after professional coaching stints in Chicago and Miami. Read more.




Amber Pipkins- Cincinnati, Ohio


Amber Pipkins was born, raised, and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Pipkins shared, At age seven, her parents began taking the kids to play on the tennis courts behind the elementary school. Pipkins then began playing with the Inner City Tennis Project at age eight.  She was ranked in the city and state as a junior player and played first singles for the Walnut Hills Eagles for four years during high school. She played both singles and doubles for four years in college at Florida A & M University.  She served one season as coach to the Walnut Hills Boys Jr. High tennis team and also taught tennis during summers off in college through the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.  Read more.



Earl Jordan- Chicago, lll.


For the past 28 years Earl Jordan has been an active participant in wheelchair athletics. He played wheelchair basketball with the Chicago Dawgs, one of the first youth wheelchair sports teams in the United States. Jordan continued playing junior basketball for a few years in Chicago and earned his degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He competed in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis while studying at SIU. Read more.



Justin Stuckey- Springfield, Ohio 


Justin Stuckey was named Wittenberg University's first-ever full-time men's and women's tennis coach in August 2008. Stuckey shared, "The best part about coaching is seeing players have success on and off the court and seeing themio mature and develop as they head on to life after college." Read more.




TyJuan Garrett- Indianapolis, Ind.


TyJuan Garrett is an Indianapolis attorney committed to sharing the sport of tennis. In addition, Garrett shared, "My personal mission is to help with the expansion of tennis," and he is working to help as many people experience tennis as he possibly can. In addition, Garrett enjoys volunteering his time at tennis events. Read more.




Kenya Hill- Chicago, Ill.


Kenya is in the sixth grade at Chicago International Charter School – Prairie.  She is a determined player, and she just wants to keep getting better and better.  Kenya shared, "My favorite part of tennis is improving my game. I like to think back to where I started and how far along I have come." Read more.





Leonora King- Detroit, Mich.


Leonora King helps provide free tennis lessons to inner city kids through Palmer Park Tennis Academy. "One of my short term goals is to expose as many Detroit youth to the game as I possibly can. I also hope to ensure that the Palmer Park Tennis Academy becomes a quality program that produces excellent players with not only tennis skills but life skills." She hopes that her students will love tennis and make it a part of their lives.  Read More.