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Trudy Coler Honored by Central Indiana Tennis Association as Volunteer of Month

November 28, 2016 10:00 AM

Trudy Coler | Westfield, Indiana

“I enjoy watching kids learn and develop their skills, but mostly I enjoy watching the fun they are have playing. Teaching them sportsmanship, teamwork, and good exercise habits are very important to me.” This quote from Central Indiana Tennis Association’s volunteer, Trudy Coler, is the core of her motivation for working with developing young players in our District.

Trudy grew up in Angola, Indiana, and started playing tennis when she was just three years old. Her father, Tony Wright, was the coach of the Angola High School Boys and Girls tennis teams and Trudy grew up playing with both teams. She also helped her dad with both summer camps and tournaments in Angola. Trudy graduated in 1990 and went on to Ball State University majoring in Photojournalism and Journalism Graphics. She then moved to Indianapolis where she has worked in publishing for 16 years and is currently the Communications Director at NIFS.

Trudy Coler is entering her tenth season as the Girls Tennis Coach at Westfield High School. Trudy was also the Boys Tennis Assistant Coach for four seasons. She came on board at a time when the tennis program at Westfield was just beginning to grow and develop. Since she began with Westfield, they have added a Middle School program which is helping to get more kids playing and to develop stronger and deeper teams. This is also developing their players by getting them started earlier in competitive play. More of their players are committing to playing in the off season and in tournaments as well.

Trudy is also teaching her players about community service and encouraging them to help grow the sport. In the summer, in collaboration with her Girls team, Trudy runs a week long high school tennis camp for grades 3-5. Trudy also got her players involved when she became commissioner of the Westfield Youth Sports Tennis (WYSI) programs. These programs are also held at the High School courts. Trudy’s initial program with WYSI had 72 players, ages five through eight, involved in two Saturday morning Midwest Youth Team Tennis programs. There were an additional 50 players, ages nine through 15, playing in a weekly orange and green dot Junior Team Tennis non-advancing program. Trudy is active with the WYSI board and is committed to improving and growing the program in Westfield in future years. Trudy is also active with other Junior Team Tennis programs, putting together three teams for an upcoming advancing league.

Trudy is not just content with growing the WYSI programs though, and she has had meetings with the mayor and the community about the need for funding for maintenance of existing facilities and the future development of additional tennis courts in the area. Trudy has said that the High School courts are in constant use by the community at no charge. To continue to see the sport grow in the area, some long range planning should be done that includes upgrades to the facility and additional courts in the community shared space.