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Kathryn Dunleavy Named December Volunteer of the Month

December 1, 2014 12:00 PM

Kathryn Dunleavy | Detroit, Michigan


In September of 2013, Kathryn Dunleavy embarked on a journey to bring tennis for the first time to Most Holy Trinity School (MHTS) in downtown Detroit (about two blocks from the old Tiger Stadium at Michigan and Trumbell).  This was the first exposure to tennis for many of its students.

This all began with volunteering to help the Southeastern Michigan District office at the Metro Detroit Youth Day on Belle Isle in July.  As Kathryn described it, “It was so much fun, I thought about the possibility of bringing tennis to The Most Holy Trinity Grade School where my Aunt Sheila is principal and is always speaking about the need to help her students become more active and lead healthier lives.” 
Kathryn borrowed equipment from the Southeastern Michigan District office and USTA/Midwest Tennis Service Representative George Lowe, trained her and her fellow tennis teammates from Mercy High School.  She also took advantage of a USTA/Nickelodeon offer to obtain free equipment for the school - the first time the school ever had tennis racquets in their inventory of athletic equipment!   

Twenty students put their heart and soul into each lesson, capped off with a party at Franklin Athletic Club, where each player was greeted by The University of Detroit Women’s Tennis Team and participated in a mini-tourney, complete with pizza party, certificate of recognition and a bag full of goodies that included a free racquet, a tennis hat, tennis balls, a backpack and bag tags (generously donated by Franklin Athletic Club and The Tennis & Golf Company).

Back for a second year this fall, Kathryn is continuing her volunteer tennis program to the delight of the students and faculty at Most Holy Trinity.  Kathryn was quick to point out, “this program would not have been as successful without the love and support of so many other people and the corporate sponsors who willing contributed their time, resources and effort.”   Southeastern Michigan Tennis Association is quick to point out, "this program wouldn't have occurred without the great community convictions of young players like Kathryn."