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Joan Donner Honored by Wisconsin Tennis Association as Volunteer of the Month

March 10, 2016 12:00 PM

Joan Donner | Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Wisconsin Tennis Association proudly recognizes Joan Donner as the March Volunteer of the Month. Joan is a Vice President of the Wisconsin Tennis Association.  She serves on the Collegiate Committee, Diversity and Adaptive Committee, Junior Tennis Committee, and is the Chairperson of the Recreation and Grants Committee.

For the past 25 years, Joan have been actively involved in tennis in the Wisconsin area through individual USTA League play, the USTA Start/Restart program, and as a youth tennis instructor for Badger Racquet Tennis Club Rising Stars Program and United Sports Club through Milwaukee Recreation-MPS.  She has been a board member for Badger since 1996 and currently serves on the Wisconsin Tennis Association Board.

Joan’s passion for tennis is evident and demonstrated by her commitment and willingness to attend training and development workshops to increase her knowledge and skill level of the game related to youth instructions. She has received her PTR Certification, played in USTA Leagues for many years, and served in the role of captain and/or co-captain for her teams. 

Throughout her career, Joan has learned that being a great leader/coach/mentor are ways to give back to society. She has certainly given back to the sport of tennis in Wisconsin.