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2012 Jr. Team Tennis Section Championship Results

August 5, 2012 04:53 PM
Over 70 teams and 600 junior tennis players traveled to Indianapolis and competed at the 2012 USTA Jr. Team Tennis Midwest Section Championships, held from August 3-5.  North Central High School, Carmel High School, and Lawrence North High School were the sites for one of the largest junior team events in the country.
Teams participating in the USTA Jr. Team Tennis Midwest Section Championships advanced by winning their district playoff or dominating their local league.  Team matches consist of one set each of boys’ and girls’ singles, boys’ and girls’ doubles, and two sets of mixed doubles.  Team scoring is based on cumulative games won.   

Winners advance to the 2012 USTA Jr. Team Tennis National Championships which will be held in Cayce, South Carolina from October 19-21 (14 and under division) and October 26-28 (18 and under division). 
10 Intermediate: Monsters of Midtown, Chicago District
10 Advanced: Super Six, Middle Illinois District
12 Intermediate: Liberty Snapping Turtles, Southeastern Michigan District
12 Advanced: Elite 2,Wisconsin District
14 Intermediate: Supreme Court, Wisconsin District
14 Advanced: Racquet Club of Columbus, Ohio Valley District
18 Intermediate: Port Huron, Southeastern Michigan District
18 Advanced: Racquet Club of Columbus, Ohio Valley District
Sportsmanship Award Winners
G10 Intermediate: Zion Atwater, Bloomington Bangers
B10 Intermediate:  James Stopka, Towpath
G10 Advanced: Katherine Wang, RCC
B10 Advanced: Brian Pang, RCC
G12 Intermediate: Hailey Blood, Brownsburg
B12: Intermediate: Chase Hutchinson, Five Seasons McNamar
G14 Intermediate: Kelly Pleiman, Schroeder
B 14 Intermediate: Jason Liu, RCC 2
G14 Advanced: Tess La Londe, Elite
B14 Advanced: Anthony Pero, Franklin Falcons
G18 Intermediate: Alexis Wirtz, Port Huron Predators
B18 Intermediate: Arjun Venkataraman, RCC 3
G18 Advanced: Kelsey Shipman, SIL Advanced 1
B18 Advanced: Max Kohl, Franklin Ravens
10 Intermediate: Monsters of Midtown 
Coach:  Jason Thomas
Charlie Wang
 Jamieson Dylan Katz
Lilly Ava Schar
Lucy Mitchell
Owen Almer
Rachel Spahn
Sydney Elyse Pratt
Thurston W. Page
10 Advanced: Super Six
Coach:  Joe Totten
Abby Totten
Connor Maris
Isabel Schaefbauer
McKenna Schaefbauer
Thomas Edward Scaggs
Tyler Bowers
12 Intermediate: Liberty Snapping Turtles
Coach:  Martin Maehr
Evan Sood
 Ian Sood
Jared Kehn
Katie Wolber
Margaret Goldberg
Olivia Marie Reyes
12 Advanced: Elite 2
George Wong
Patrick Conta
Harry Rossmann
Sunil Sabnis
Pedram Sadeghi
Charles Yauck
Tess Lalonde
Grace Crowley
14 Intermediate: Supreme Court
Coach:  Kim Wedige
Caroline Schaupp
 Charlie Parish
Claire Elizabeth Rotherham
Jack Garret Lemkuil
John Richard Zakowski
Mary Evelyn Zakowski
Zachary C Janssen
14 Advanced: Racquet Club of Columbus
Coach:  Gabe Higgs Horwell
Alexandra Cash
Erica Chen
Jack Dabek
Robert Cash
Robert Dong
Taylor Jo Sprouse
Victoria Fan
18 Intermediate: Port Huron Predators
Coach:  Dave Brown
Alexis June Wirtz
Andrew Raymond Cansfield
Connor G. Johnston
Darren Wong
Francesca Anne Basha
iLina Krishen
Luke A Ingles
Michael Coleman
Sarah Marie Barry
18 Advanced: Racquet Club of Columbus
Coach:  Gabe Higgs Horwell
Ashley Thai
C.J. Cash
Jeffrey Melvin
Kelley Jiang
Rachael N. Morales
Ryan Geoffrey Bibo