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Apply for a USTA/Midwest Committee or Sub-Committee in 2016-2017

August 12, 2015 12:59 PM




USTA/Midwest committees play a crucial role in promoting, developing and serving the game of tennis. Committees which consist of volunteers who are curent USTA members work with USTA/Midwest staff to research suggested or Board-directed proposals; propose, refine, review or evaluate programs, activities and budget allocations within the committee's duties; and provide timely recommendations to the Board.  Committees are organized and aligned within five areas of focus: adult tennis, junior pathway, community tennis, tennis support services, and governance.

The USTA/Midwest President Elect appoints all council chairs, committee chairs, vice chairs and members. These volunteers serve a two-year term, during which they work with their committees, generate recommendations and work on projects, and attend USTA/Midwest meetings.


For more information on how the application process works or to apply, please see the following links:

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**Open August 12-September 20, 2015**
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