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NITA will be hosting the USTA/Midwest Wheelchair Tennis Team Cup at Rush-Copley Healthplex, October 1-3, 2010.  Entry deadline is Friday, September 24, 2010.   Divisions offered will include the following with their Tennislink code:

LM(Op)s - Mens Open Singles                                                 LW(Op)s - Womens Open Singles
LM(A)s -   Mens A Singles                                                      LW(A)s  -   Womens A Singles
LM(B)s -   Mens B Singles                                                      LW(Op)d -  Womens Open Doubles
LM(C)s -   Mens C Singles                                                      LW(A)d   -  Womens A Doubles
LQ(Op)s - Quad Open Singles                                                 LJ(Op/A)s - Junior Open/A Singles
LQ(A)s -   Quad A Singles                                                       LJ(Op/A)d - Junior Open/A Doubles
LQ(Op)d - Quad Open Doubles

Players can search the Tennislink systen for tournament ID 856204610 to go directly to the home page where online registration is available.  For further information contact Pam Delnagro, pam@northernillinoistennis.com.  

 All wheelchair tennis tournaments for 2010 will be listed along with all other USTA adult and junior tournaments at www.midwest.usta.com .