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If you are planning on entering an Adult, Mixed Doubles, Combo or Tri-level team into the league you will need to use this application.  When you have completed your applicaion please click on the "Submit" button.  You will then recieve a notice thanking your for your applicaion.  If you do not receive this notice there was an error on your application and you will need to scroll to the top of the form and make the applicable corrections.  

Match court formats for all seasons shall be:

Men 18 and over and 40 and over - 2 singles and 3 doubles

Women 18 and over and 40 and over - 1 singles and 3 doubles

Mixed doubles (all age divisions) - 3 doubles

Adult 55 and over, Adult 65 and over, Combo, Tri-level - 3 doubles

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application please contact Viki Congleton via e-mail at viki@northernillinoistennis.com or by phone at (630) 443-6074.

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