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Northern Illinois District League Seasons continue throughout the year:

There are currently four league seasons of play in the Northern Illinois District including the Early Start League season (part of the following year's program), Winter League season Summer League season and Fall League season. These seasons will offer all or some of the various types of leagues for men and women.

Progression to Higher Levels of Competition: Teams have the opportunity to advance to applicable district, state, sectional and national playoffs which are held annually for most divisions. Along the way there are lots of opportunities for fun and great tennis, as well as meeting other tennis players from all over the country.

Click here to see the age divisions and formats NITA offers for each season.


Example:  A team match might consist of one doubles team playing at the 3.5 level, one at the 4.0 and one at the 4.5 level. All of these would be members of the same team.  Friends of different skill levels can all be on the same team together.  Combinations of NTRP levels can vary depending on the levels available.
WHO FORMS TEAMS? Northern Illinois District teams can be formed by individual captains who get a group of players together and find a facility/club or outdoor site to host their matches.  Teams may be sponsored and promoted through a particular club or facility.  Teams must have access to home courts at an indoor facility for all seasons except the spring-summer season, when matches can be played outside.
HOW TO GET INVOLVED: If you are interested in becoming part of the USTA League program in your community or want to start a new team of players with similar skill levels, our NITA District League Coordinator, Viki Congletonviki@northernillinoistennis.com is more than happy to help you.  For additional help or information about NITA programs, contact the Northern Illinois District Executive Director, Pam Delnagro, at 847-458-5813 or email pam@northernillinoistennis.com.  
 Please direct all questions/concerns to our District League Coordinator, Viki Congleton, at viki@northernillinoistennis.com, or phone/fax to Viki at 630-443-6074.