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League Captain's Responsibilities


Anyone choosing to submit a team for USTA League Tennis is making a commitment that includes the following responsibilities:

1.  Explain to all recruited players the USTA League Tennis rules, National, Sectional, Local and the Code.

2.  Attend or send your co-captain to a captains’ meeting.  The captain is responsible for knowing the rule changes and understanding the explanations that may have occurred at the meeting.

3. Confirm the eligibility of each recruited player.  This includes membership and rating status.  Captains must verify the membership expiration date and the rating of each player.  If the player has a computer rating, captains must locate the player’s name on the current rating list or the previous year’s list.
4. Validate the registration of players prior to playing by accessing the Internet.

5. Adhere to published deadlines. This includes deadlines for: submitting team applications; NTRP appeals; registering the minimum number of players; submitting home facility availability for scheduling purposes; confirming matches with your opponents; recording match results.

6. Field a complete team for each match for the entire length of the season.

7. Reimburse facilities for any court fees owed due to late forfeits and no-shows.

8. Assign a co-captain to take your place in the event that you are unavailable or unable to perform the functions of captain.  If your absence is for an extended period of time, inform the coordinator of the name, EMAIL ADDRESS, and phone number of the co-captain.

9. Record and verify ALL match results, using TennisLink within 48 hours of the conclusion of a match.  Notify the coordinator via email or phone message of any incorrect data entered immediately.  This includes entering the wrong player or incorrect score.  Because the rating of each player is based on this data, all efforts must be made to correct the invalid data as soon as possible.  It is the responsibility of both home and visiting captain to record and/or confirm/dispute the scores in TennisLink. 

Failure to comply with the above requirements may make your team ineligible to compete at the next level of competition and may make you ineligible to submit a team in the future seasons

If you have any questions, contact:

Viki Congleton
Northern Illinois District
USTA League Tennis Coordinator

(630) 443-6074 Phone/Fax