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Standard Tournament Entry Form


Tournament:________________________ Dates:_____________________

Player's Name:_____________________________ Birthdate:___________



City:_________________________ State:________  Zip Code:___________

Phone (day):______________________  Phone(night):_________________


Entry to all USTA/Midwest Section tournaments requires proof of current UTSA membership.

Juniors: You may play in your current age division up until the month of your birthday when you "age up" into a higher age division.  If you are in one age division when a tournament begins, but the tournament continues into the month of your birth, you may still enter the younger age division in that tournament.

____Girls                           ____Singles                ____Age Division      ____ NTRP

____Boys                          ____Doubles             ____Age Division      ____ NTRP

____Men's                        ____Mxd. Dbls.        

____Women's                  ____ Need Dbles Partner  

 ____Need MxD Partner    _____________________Partner's Name

Fees Enclosed: Singles - $______   Doubles-$______     Total-$________