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Players participating in USTA sanctioned tournaments agree to follow the Rules of Tennis and The Code as listed in the most current version of the Friend At Court, the tennis rule book.  Clubs and organizations hosting these sanctioned events must follow USTA tournament regulations as well.  Players are subject to receiving Code Violations under the Point Penalty System (PPS) and resulting Suspension Points that are followed for as ongoing twelve month period from January through December.  The form for reporting Code Violations and Suspension Points as well as an explanation of the NITA Suspension Point program can be viewed and printed by following the highlighted link.

Any player receiving 10 Suspension points within a 12 month period will be suspended from playing any tournaments for a significant number of weeks,  with other districts in the Midwest also honoring any individual district suspension.  The suspension point infractions are similar to those listed in USTA/Midwest publications.  Besides on court conduct, such things as no shows and defaults result in suspensiono points that are kept on a player's record.  NITA also receives code violation reports on NITA players who participate in tournaments outside of the Northern Illinois District.

Tournament Directors, coaches, players, and parents can access an online copy of the Friend At Court for reference on specific questions.  A copy may also be purchased from the USTA by calling 1-800-677-0275.