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Problems with Tennis Link Online Registration

If you have trouble registering for a tournament through "Tennis Link", the online tournament registration, or get the wrong tournament popping up when you register, it is suggested that you try one or both of these adjustments to your browser:  1)  delete or disable whatever cookies are currently in your browser (usually under "Preferences" when you have your browser window open) or  2) clear your cache.  The cache is also one of the options on your browser preferences, either using Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Security issues with online registration:  If you receive a pop-up message that you are entering an insecure site when registering online, be assured that this message is NOT valid.  If you check in your internet site address, and the "http" portion has an "s" at the end, in other words it is shown as "https", that indicates that the site is secure.  You may also see a little lock at the lower right portion of your window, which indicates a secure site as well.