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NITA Junior Qualifier


TOURNAMENT DATES:   The NITA District Closed Championships, Level 5, is typically held the first weekend after the Memorial Day weekend. 

ELIGIBILITY:  All residents of the Northern Illinois District with a current USTA membership and documented US Citizenship or Legal Alien status.  PLAYERS WHO HAVE NEVER COMPETED IN THE DISTRICT CLOSED CHAMPIONSHIPS  MUST PROVIDE A COPY OF PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP OR LEGAL ALIEN STATUS TO THE NITA OFFICE BY THE ENTRY DEADLINE!  Players under 11 years of age:  If you do not turn 11 by the end of May, you may not enter the 12's age division event unless you have qualified for Yellow ball tournaments.   

RESIDENCY:  Applicants must be current residents of the Northern Illinois District by county.  
If you are a resident of Cook, DuPage, or Lake County, you must play in the CDTA Championships, and you are not eligible for the NITA District Championship since it is a "closed" tournament. 

EVENTS:  SINGLES ONLY for BG12-18; doubles may be offered for BG14s and BG18s.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Typically, the Sunday before the tournament's starting date. 

DRAWS:  Draws will be made on Memorial Day or the Tuesday after Memorial Day. pam@northernillinoistennis.com. NO REFUNDS AFTER THE DRAWS ARE MADE.

SEEDING:  Seeding for draws will be done using the All Factors method per Friend At Court with the WTN number (ITF World Tennis Number) and UTR rating considered.  

TOURNAMENT SITES:  Matches may be played at Phillips Park (12-court facility) in Aurora unless events are contracted out to a club.    

FIRST MATCH TIMES:  Plan on seeing draws and times posted by the Wednesday evening before the tournament start date.  Players should plan on being available during the entire weekend of the tournament. 

SCORING & FORMAT OF PLAY:    For BG12-18, all main draw and consolation matches will be the best of three (3) full sets, with a 10-point tiebreak in lieu of a third set. Ad scoring (regular scoring) for all matches.  In the event of inclement weather, the Referee may change the scoring and match format for particular rounds of play to complete the tournament in a timely fashion.  

SCHEDULING REQUESTS:  Players should not expect special scheduling considerations since this tournament is no longer the Qualifier for the Midwest Closed Championships. 

CONDUCT:  USTA Officials will be on-site and available if you have a question or problem during play. The Point Penalty System (PPS) will be enforced.  Code violations will be reported online, and appropriate Suspension Points will be entered on players, including those related to defaults. Foot faults will be called with no warning.  Parents and spectators must not get involved in on-court matches with warmings and potential code violations against the player applicable to poor parental conduct.

DRESS CODE:  Appropriate tennis attire.  For girls, no sports bras or spandex shorts should be worn alone; the midriff must be covered when hands are at rest: For boys, no tank tops, cut-off t-shirts, or cut-off jeans shorts. Sleeveless tennis wear may be worn.  No reference to drugs, violence, alcohol, etc., on clothing. The dress code for ALL TOURNAMENTS is held in the Northern Illinois District. 

Tournament Gift:  All participants will receive a tournament gift 
OVERALL TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN:   Executive Director Pam Delnagro,  pam@northernillinoistennis.com  TheTournament Director and Referee may change from year to year to year.