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NITA Junior Qualifier


TOURNAMENT DATES:   June 1-5, 2018 for BG 12,14,16 & 18 divisions.  The evening of Friday, June 1st,  matches may be scheduled for  as early as 5 pm if needed to accommodate larger draws or to accommodate players with legitimate scheduling requests (see list below) which must be received in writing via email no later than the entry deadline of Sunday, May 27th. 

BG10 District Qualifier Level 3 will be held the weekend of June 8-10, 2018, location of the event TBA.

ELIGIBILITY:  All residents of the Northern Illinois District with a current USTA membership and documented US Citizenship or Legal Alien status.  PLAYERS WHO HAVE NEVER COMPETED IN THE QUALIFIER MUST PROVIDE A COPY OF PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP OR LEGAL ALIEN STATUS TO THE NITA OFFICE BY THE ENTRY DEADLINE!  Players under 11 years of age:  If you will not turn 11 by the end of June of this year, you may not enter in the 12's age division event unless you have reached the "Yellow Ball Level" in the Youth Progression program.  

RESIDENCY:  Applicants must be current residents of the Northern Illinois District by county.  
If you are a resident of Cook, DuPage, or Lake County, you must play in the CDTA Qualifier, and you are not eligible for the NITA Qualifier.


ENTRY DEADLINE:  Sunday, May 27, 11:59 pm CST.

DRAWS:  Draws will be made on Tuesday, May 29th.  For information on the meeting time and location, please email pam@northernillinoistennis.com . NO REFUNDS AFTER THE DRAWS ARE MADE.

SEEDING:  Seeding of draws will be done using All Factors method per Friend At Court with UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) as the primary reference, along with all other available and verified results.

TOURNAMENT SITES:  Matches will be played at Phillips Park (next to East Aurora High School) Saturday and Sunday, as well as Monday & Tuesday, late afternoon, June 4 & 5 for those that are still playing.  Backup indoor courts at Vaughan Athletic Center may be used in the case of bad weather.  

FIRST MATCH TIMESPLAYERS SHOULD REPORT DIRECTLY TO THEIR SCHEDULED MATCH SITE indicated on the Future Match Report  available on the tournament page on Wednesday, May 30st.

STARTING TIMES:  Players must be available to start play on the following dates and times:  Friday, June 1, 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday, June 2 & 3 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.  Players involved in matches scheduled Mon-Tuesday, June 4-5 must be available to play beginning at 4:00 pm  through each evening.   Report time will be 15 minutes before first match, and 15 minutes prior to each scheduled match time throughout the tournament.

SCORING & FORMAT OF PLAY:    For BG12-18, all  main draw and consolation matches will be the best of three (3) full sets, with a 7 point tiebreak at 6 games all, ad scoring (regular scoring) for all matches.  In the event of inclement weather, the Referee may change the scoring and match format for particular rounds of play if necessary to complete the tournament in a timely fashion.  


            1.  Player's own Graduation, but not related parties or sibling graduations      
            2.  SAT/ACT scheduled testing for which the player is registered.
            3.  School Finals. Verification from school is expected if requested. 
            4.  Religious Confirmation or rite of passage ceremony for the  player themselves.

We will try and accommodate scheduling conflicts that meet the criteria listed above, 
but completing the tournament is first priority.  


CONFLICTS THAT CANNOT BE HONORED:  Missing part of a school day, school party, Driver Education classes or Behind the Wheel sessions, attending or being part of a wedding, other sports events or participation.  

REQUESTS FOR SCHEDULING CONSIDERTION -- Needed by May 27th!   Please think through the dates of June 1rd through June 5th, for conflicts based on the match play times described above for each day.  All requests for scheduling considerations due to conflicts must be received in writing by Sunday, May 27th. Email to joy@northernillinoistennis.com (or FAX to 847-458-5807) with details regarding event, time block you cannot play, and the earliest (or latest) time in a particular day that you are available to playand be on site in the Aurora area. No one can skip an entire day of the tournament when their  draw has matches being played. 


ENDORSEMENT POLICIES & PROCEDURES:  Players in each division who qualify for endorsement to the Midwest Closed Championships either as a direct endorsement or as an alternate must complete their own online registration for the Midwest Closed ASAP, no later than the entry deadline for the event.

PLAY and COMPLETE Rule for 2018:  The tournament must be played to completion, which means a player must complete his/her final scheduled match, including  the even finals,3/4 playoffs, consolation finals and all other final matches for individuals.  No defaults, retirements, or walkovers will be allowed for a player's final match for any reason.   THERE ARE NO APPEALS OF THIS RULE for 2018 District Qualifiers throughout the Midwest.

EXEMPTION POLICY FOR ENDORSEMENT:  NO Exemptions of any type.  Any player who wishes to be endorsed by NITA for Midwest Closed acceptance or consideration must play in the District Qualifier and play it through completion.  

CONDUCT:  USTA Officials will be on site and available if you have a question or problem during play. The Point Penalty System (PPS) will be enforced.  Code violations will be reported online and appropriate Suspension Points entered on players, including those related to defaults. Foot faults will be called with no warning.

DRESS CODE:  Appropriate tennis attire.  For girls, no sports bras or spandex shorts worn alone; midriff must be covered when hands are at rest.  Boys, no tank tops or cut off t-shirts or cut-off jeans shorts. Sleeveless tennis wear may be worn.  No reference to drugs, violence, alcohol, etc. on clothing. This is the dress code for ALL TOURNAMENTS held in the Northern Illinois District. 

Tournament Gift:  All participants will receive some type of tournament gift or t-shirt.

TOURNAMENT REFEREE:         Joyce Tessiatore       
TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:       Joy Duerr                  joy@northernillinoistennis.com 
TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER:    Pam Delnagro           pam@northernillinoistennis.com