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Rules and Officials

The Friend At Court contains all of the Rules of Tennis, Tournament Regulations, The Code (rules for unofficiated matches) as well as much more.  This book is available for viewing on this website and can also be purchased through the USTA. 

In this area, the Chicago Tennis Umpires Council (CTUC) is responsible for training and certification of all tennis umpires including Provisional Officials, Roving Umpires, Referees, Chair Umpires, and LinesmenThere are never enough officials available in this area or in most other parts of the countryAdults, seniors, college students, and even high school students can become a certified umpire and work as much or as little as they want.  Officials look at the CTUC "Call Sheet" online and apply to work whatever days and tournaments they are available to work.  For college students with transportation and a love of tennis, this can be a great part-time job that works into anyone's schedule!

Becoming a certified tennis umpire (one day school for recertification required every year) can lead to a very rewarding avocation, with opportunities to advance to semi-professional and professional events as a linesman or chair umpire.  We currently have several members of the Chicago Tennis Umpires Council that have worked at ATP & WTA tournaments as well as the US Open!

Current tournament rules and regulations for play in the USTA Midwest Section can be found on their website, www.midwest.usta.com. All players, parents of junior players, and tournament directors should be aware of the tournament regulations in effect for local tournaments in order to assure compliance and fairness to all players in the USTA/Midwest Section.  

The form to submit Code Violations and Suspension Points as well as the description of NITA Suspension Points program can be viewed and printed by following the links for each.  These should be returned to the NITA Executive Director within 48 hours of the the code/suspension points being assessed.  Fax form to 847-458-5807 or mail to NITA, 115 Brook Street, Algonquin, IL  60102.