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NITA DISTRICT QUALIFIER BG 12-18 last year in 2020.  The USTA Midwest Closed Outdoor Championships will continue to be held toward the end of June in the future.  NITA had five (5) quota spots (direct endorsement) per age division/event in 2019 which may or may not change for 2020. Currently the winner, finalist, 3rd & 4th place players, and winner of the Feed-in Consolation receive a quota spot into the draw of the Midwest Closed.   In 2021, all or most of the players selected for the Midwest Closed in every age division event will be from all registered applicants in order of their standing on the national standing list.  

2017 - 2020 WILD CARD policy:   If a player who earns one of the quota spots in their age division event is unable to register and play in the Midwest Closed Championships, and the District Endorser is notified of this fact prior to the entry deadline for the Midwest Closed, a wild card player will be selected to replace the quota player. Only one wildcard is available per age division/event.  No rules apply to a wild card selection other than the order of selection by finish as follows: 1) 6th place player (finalist in consolation); 2) If the 6th place player is unable to advance, the winner of a head to head match between the 7th and 8th place players (semi-finalists of consolation) in the main draw will be offered the wild card; 3) If the 7th & 8th place players did not meet in the main draw, the one with the highest UTR will be given the wild card for the quota spot. 4) If none of the eligible players by finish listed in # 1 through #3 are available to accept the wild card, any other player in that age division/event draw can be awarded the wild card spot based on having the highest UTR of the remaining players at the time of selection.  A wild card cannot be given to any player who has not played in the District Qualifier.  A player in line for a possible wild card by finish can be selected to receive the wild card regardless of the completion of their final scheduled match in the District Qualifier.  *The ability to use a wild card was authorized by a USTA Midwest Executive Committee Call Item in February of 2017 if a District chose to include that option on their tournament websites. 


MIDWEST DISTRICT TEAM CUP SELECTIONS:  The District Team Cup selection process for the B18, G18, BG14, and BG12 Team Cup teams is based on UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) of all eligible players** at the time selections for invitations are made in mid-April by the NITA Junior Competition Committee.   There is no application process for the players.  Everyone at the upper end of the Midwest Standings lists from the Northern Illinois District are sorted as far as their UTR verified rating.  The NITA Junior Competition Committee reviews the list of potential candidates including their history of good sportsmanship and team support, then agrees on the first players to be invited for each Team Cup team. When invited players decline for whatever reason, the players on the alternate list by UTR and approved by the committee are then invited in order as needed.  

* The first and fundamental requirement for eligibility is a record of good sportsmanship and good conduct as well as strong team support if an individual has been a member of a previous Team Cup team.  Both players and parents (when players are under 18) are required to read and sign the NITA Waiver and Code of Conduct form which details the expected conduct of players when representing the Northern Illinois District.   Being a member of any District Team Cup team is something players must earn both through their record of good conduct and strength of their tournament play as evidenced by their UTR.  Representing Northern Illinois is a privilege.  The only notifications that are sent out for these events are invitations to qualified players.  

The NITA Junior Competition Committee has developed additional policies with respect to age of players that limit them "playing up" on a District Team Cup team higher than their eligible age as of June of the event year. 

1.  Players 10 & Under with a high UTR may be considered for the BG12's since that is the youngest Team Cup event -- there is no 10's Team Cup.
2.  Players who will still be age eligible for the BG12's or BG14's Team Cup as of June 30th of the event year will only be considered for their own age division Team Cup, regardless of what  later month they age up into the next age division.  For example, a player who will turn 13 in July will still only be considered for the BG12's Team Cup that particular year.  A player who will turn 15 in July or later will only be considered for the BG14's Team Cup.
3.  Players must turn 15 by June 30th of the event year in order to be considered for the B18 or G18 District Team Cup teams.  

NITA wants the District Team Cup teams to include the strongest players available within each age division, as well as have team members be compatible in age, interests, and maturity so that the players have a good bonding experience with their peers while supporting each other's efforts during team play.  


NEW:  Documents for 2019 for ALL DISTRICT TEAM CUP PLAYERS (including G18's Baird Cup) to download, read,
               print, and submit per instructions on each form:   

              Additional Documents for Marian Wood Baird G18s Team Cup: