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NITA DISTRICT QUALIFIER BG 12-18:  For the 2017 USTA Midwest Closed Outdoor Championships beginning June 24-29 2017, NITA has five (5) quota spots (direct endorsement) per age division/event.  The winner, finalist, 3rd & 4th place players, and winner of the Feed-in Consolation will each be a quota spot into the draw of the Midwest Closed.   

EVERY PLAYER MUST "PLAY AND COMPLETE" every match they are scheduled to play.  Players must play every point to the last point of the match in order to fulfill the "play and complete" rule in 2017; retirements, walkovers and defaults for any reason are not accepted as completing all scheduled matches. There is no appeal of this play and complete requirement.  Players will not be listed on the NITA's direct endorsement or alternate endorsement list if they do not fulfill this requirement.  

WILD CARD: If any player who earns one of the five (5) quota spots per age division is unable to register and play in the Midwest Closed Championships, and the District Endorser is notified of this fact prior to the entry deadline for the Midwest Closed, the Junior Competition Committee will select one wild card player for that event who will replace the quota player unable to represent NITA.  *The ability to use a wild card has been authorized by a USTA Midwest Executive Committee Call Item of February 2017.  


MIDWEST DISTRICT TEAM CUP SELECTIONS:  For 2017, the selection process for the B18, G18, BG14, and BG12 District Team Cup Teams was made based on the UTR of all eligible players as of May 18, 2017. Players will be listed on the District Team Cup page after all teams
have been finalized.


NEW:  Documents for 2017 ALL District Team Cup Players to download, read,
                print, and submit:   

                Documents for Marian Wood Baird G18s Team Cup only:

  • 2017 Baird Cup Manual --  Read and complete Medical History review and Medical Waiver
                                                  Complete Liability Forms
                                                  Complete Player information form thru Survey Monkey by June 14th

                                                  Forms begin on page 27
  • Complete NITA Waiver and Coduct form and online waiver for All District Team Cup Players above