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Zonals BG 12-16

As part of the USTA's objective of creating an environment in which young players can develop their skills to the fullest, the "zonals" provide both national competition and learning opportunities.

The USTA Zone Team Championships is a five day team competition emphasizing both singles, doubles and mixed doubles play against other section teams with match results counting for National and Midwest Section rankings. Enclosed is a review of the basic structure and exciting aspects of the developmental format. We hope this information will answer some of the questions and encourage you to apply to the USTA Zone Team Championships.

  • Event Goals:

    The goals of the USTA Boys’ and Girls’ Zone Team Championships are:

-To introduce young players to national competition in such a way that competitive stress is minimized and competitive learning opportunities are maximized.

-To provide the best possible competitive opportunity for maximizing each child’s physical and emotional development.

Information on this year's Zone Team Championships will be available on the USTA/Midwest website.