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USTA/Midwest District TEAM CUPS

USTA Midwest District Team Cups

Each year, top junior players from the Northern Illinois District have the opportunity to compete as a member of the NITA team against other district teams from the USTA Midwest Section. The four teams are composed of players in the Boys 18's, Girls 18's, Boys/Girls 14's (co-ed) and Boys/Girls 12's (co-ed) divisions.  

This is one of the few opportunities USTA junior players have to compete in a team environment with coaching allowed by district hired coaches.  The format is similar to college tennis with both singles and doubles played.   The USTA Midwest District Team Cup tournaments are Midwest Level 2 events.

2018 Event Dates: June 15-17 for all District Team Cup Teams
Play will begin on June 15th.   June 14th is the travel and on-site registration day.

2018 Team Cup Locations

Boys 18s: South Bend Racquet Club, Mishawaka, IN
(Team travels with coach and assistant coach)

Girls 18s:    Atkins Tennis Center, Urbana, IL
(Team travels with coach and assistant coach)

BG14s:  Schwartz Tennis Center – Purdue, West Lafayette, IN
(Parental transportation/supervision required)

BG12s: Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN
(Parental transportation/supervision required)



All team members as well as alternates for each District Team Cup team will be selected at one time by the NITA Junior Competition Committee based primarily on their UTR rating as of April 30, 2018 with consideration of their Midwest Standing and recent head to head matches when UTR ratings are extremely close.  The pre-requisite for consideration and selection is a history of excellent sportsmanship, demonstration of team support and living up to the NITA Code of Conduct agreement if they have been a previous Team Cup player.

Players who are listed on the Midwest Standings lists in more than one age division will only be considered for the District Team Cup of their actual age division so long as they are age eligible through the end of June.  Players on the 12's standing list who are still eligible for 10 & under events will be considered for the 12's team since there is no younger team.  To be considered for the Boy's 18 or Girl's 18 Team Cup, a player must turn 15 by June 30th of this year, thus no longer eligible for the 14's team.  

Invitations will be extended to the selected team members no later than May 7th via email including details of the competition, expectations and requirements, fees and other costs, and an RSVP date.  If a player declines their invitation, the next player on the alternate list by UTR and Junior Competition Committee agreement will be invited until all team members are confirmed.

The following number of players will be invited to represent NITA on the District Team Cup team by age division/event:

    Eight (8) players for the B18's team     

Eight (8) players for the G18's team  

          Four (4) girls & four (4) boys for the BG14's team

             Four (4) girls & four (4) boys for the BG12's team  


District Team Cup players must reside within the Northern Illinois District, determined by county of residence, and be a U.S. citizen or have legal alien status. Questions regarding the selection process should be emailed to Junior Competition Chair Jeff Neuman, tennisdad3@sbcglobal.net.  Questions regarding details of the events, locations, requirements, and player expectations should be emailed to NITA Executive Director Pam Delnagro, pam@northernillinoistennis.com.