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Team Cup Coaching

Expectations for NITA Coaches of Midwest Section District Cup Teams

  • USPTA or PTR professional certification preferred
  • Must be a member of the USTA
  • Must be able to remain at the tournament site for the duration of the event
  • Coaches of the Boys 18s and Girls 18s teams must be able to drive the team to the event in a van and be responsible for player conduct both on and off court all weekend
  • Coaches are encouraged to conduct 1-2 team practices/team building meetings prior to the event
  • Work with the NITA Executive Director to collect appropriate team fees, as well as specific  Midwest and NITA District Player Conduct and Waiver forms on a timely basis
Must follow the NITA Coaches Code of Conduct which includes the following:
  • Exemplify and advocate fair, honest, and sportsmanlike behavior at all times, both on and off the court
  • Know and abide by the Rules of Tennis and the Midwest District Team Cup rules as detailed in the USTA Midwest Standing Orders as well as additional event procedures and rules presented at coaches meetings
  • Respect the USTA Officials and tournament organizers as well as their decisions
  • Represent the Northern Illinois District with integrity and the highest ethical behavior
  • Be an outstanding role model for your team players
  • Disallow any parent or other individual to coach players during matches.  Only authorized head and/or assistant coaches specifically designated on the Team Cup endorsement form sent to the Tournament Director are allowed to coach players. 

The Northern Illinois District pays for all travel expenses including accommodations for team cup coaches including assistant coaches. Additionally, coaches receive a daily meal allowance and a coaching stipend for the weekend with the rate determined by whether or not they are responsible for the transportation and supervision of the team all weekend (B & G 18's teams) or if they are coaching and working with players only at the tournament site (BG 14's & BG12's teams).

Coaching applications for each year's teams USTA/Midwest Section Team Cups should be returned as soon as possible after the first of the year to insure consideration.  Click here to download a Team Cup Coaching application.