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Rankings and Standings

NITA District Rankings for juniors are be calculated based on the Points Per Round program, with points earned by round achieved for the various Midwest levels of tournaments available to view and print on the Midwest Section website.  NITA District standings and end-of-year rankings are based on the same Points Per Round scales and same assigned Levels (1-5) of tournaments as used for USTA/Midwest Standings and Rankings, excluding the new "Bonus Points" awarded to players when they beat another player in the top 100 on the Standing List. Where NITA players are listed relative to other NITA players on these two lists should be very similar as a result.  

NITA player records include all tournaments used for USTA/Midwest rankings.  HOWEVER,  POINT TOTALS FOR RANKING AND/OR STANDING ARE NOT CUMULATIVE.   At any point in time, the point totals for a player shown on their age division Standing List ONLY include that player's BEST SIX (6) TOURNAMENTS in terms of points earned.  When a player wins some matches and earns X amount of points based on how far they advanced in the draw (as well as what Level the tournament was designated), the total points earned for that tournament will only affect or change their current Midwest Standing total points if they earned more points than their "lowest" tournament points currently included in their Midwest Standing List total.  

     EXAMPLE:  A player currently as has 700 points on the latest Midwest Standing list for the age division in which they play.  The 700 points is currently made up of their best six tournaments within the last 12 months, with individual point values of 120, 80, 160, 180, 60, and 100.  In their most recent tournament, they won a few matches and earned 100 points for that tournament.  Looking at the individual points earned previously, the 100 points earned in their latest tournament is higher than their lowest point tournament currently included in their total, which was 60 points, so the 100 point earning will replace the 60 point earning in their top six tournaments thereby increasing the player's new total to 740 points.  Their new best six (6) tournaments within the last 12 months are now made up of 120, 80, 160, 180, 100, and 100 points (740 total) which may change their placement on the standing list depending on what the players around them on the list have earned or not earned before the new Standing List is published the following week. 

The last twelve months of tournaments compose the "Rolling Calendar".   As time marches on, tournaments that were previously included in a player's "top six" on the Midwest STANDING LIST will eventually "drop off" and no longer included within the current 12 month range, such as March 2015 through February 2016.   Points drop off each month from the same month one year ago, so point totals for a player will change frequently, depending on which months they had tournaments included in their top six.  The RANKING LIST differs from the STANDINGS LIST because the RANKING LIST only shows one point in time, i.e. where they are as of December 31st, since the RANKING period includes only tournaments from January through December of any calendar year.  A player's  "RANKING" is only drawn once a year, based on the highest six point values of tournaments played from January to December of that year. 

If you have problems with tournament points not showing up on a player record, first check the tournament website to see the date of the last update and to confirm that the final results are posted. If results for your player's matches are not posted online, immediately contact the Tournament Director for the event to find out when they will be posted, since Midwest requires match results uploaded within 24-48 hours of tournament completion.  Sometimes tournament results are posted just after the weekly computer update of the standing lists, so newer results will not show up until the next week when new standings are computed.  If your points are still not showing up, both District and Midwest Section standings lists are run at the USTA/Midwest office.  Email Olivia Purcell, olivia@midwest.usta.com with complete details including the following:  

1. Tournament ID number, 2. Name of Player  3. USTA number 4.  Age Division played   5. List of what match(es) are not showing up on your player's record.  ONLY contact the Midwest Office after you have checked online, checked with the Tournament Director, and a new list has been run since the last time the individual tournament page in question was updated.  

If you still have questions on the current Points-Per-Round system of standings/rankings, email pam@northernillinoistennis.com with your questions.  We hope this information helps to clear up how standings and/or rankings are determined for players.  Don't worry -- this is not an easy topic for many players and parents to understand their first time around!