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In 2017, Youth Progression tournaments can be held any weekend of the year. 

These sanctioned events hosted by USTA member clubs and organizations use Red, Orange, or Green dot balls depending on the tournament type. Red Ball tournaments are not part of the progression program but designed for players 7 & 8 years old before they start playing Orange Ball tournaments. Tournaments that are Green Level 1 are also Level 4 events, with Midwest points per round attached.   

The various colored balls have less compression than regular "yellow" tennis balls, helping to slow down play to match the developmental skill level of the 10 & under players as they progress.  Age appropriate sized racquets, shortened courts (Red Ball and Orange Ball) and lots of FUN are what these tournaments are all about, while players earn participation "stars" and event winner & finalist  "trophies" on their record as they march toward the next level of competition through the year, eventually qualifying to play yellow ball events in the 12 & Under age division.  For complete details of this exciting pathway, formerly know in the Midwest as "Earned Advancement" go to www.midwest.usta.com/youthprogression