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Grants through Northern Illinois District

NITA awards various types of program support grants to USTA member organizations within the district on an on-going basis throughout the year.  There are no specific grant deadlines in any of the categories, however total grant funds are limited by budget. 

Park and Recreation Departments, Community Tennis Associations (CTA's), Schools, and Tennis Clubs may apply for grants at any time of the year, but the organization must meet the following requirements:: 1) have a current USTA Organizational membership, 2) include a USTA branded program in the scope of their operations related to the grant requested.  In addition, Community Tennis Associations (CTA's) must be registered as a CTA in the Northern Illinois District for the current calendar year.  Assistance in this registration can be received by contacting our Tennis Service Representative, Bret Schrama, via email at bret@midwest.usta.com.

To view and print the NITA Program Grant application form, follow this link.  Instructions for submission to the NITA Office are included on the form.  Upon receipt of the grant request, it will be reviewed by the NITA Grant Review Committee for it's recommendations to the NITA Board of Directors.  The amounts listed on the grant form are the maximum amount awarded to any organization, not necessarily the amount approved for disbursement.