Our list of tournaments in Northern Illinois is currently small, but we are committed to develop an adult competitive program that includes both NTRP and Open and Senior Age Division events.  We are hoping that some tournaments will offer one day events using a compass draw, providing adults with the opportunity for at least 3-4 one set matches with no more than 1/2 of a day required as a commitment.  

If you would like to search adult tournaments on the USTA Midwest website, please follow the following steps:

1. Go to the USTA Midwest website, www.midwest.usta.com

2. On the left side menu, under "Players" select Adults/Seniors, hold the mouse down and slide right to the secondary menu to "Find/register for tournaments via Tennislink".

3. Unless you already have the tournament ID number, under "Tournament Finder" go to National/Section/District drop down menu and change it to "Midwest" to view all Midwest tournaments, or "Midwest-Northern Illinois" for tournaments just in this district, or "Midwest-CDTA" for tournaments in the Chicago District,  then click "Find It".

3. You will be taken to the current year's schedule starting with January -- click on whatever month you want to view to see what is being offered.

If you have problems navigating the system, call the NITA Office (evenings are best) at 847-458-5813.