Adult/Senior Ranking Requirements - 2005

To be considered for and and adult NITA District Ranking, players or doubles teams must participate in a minimum of two (2) NITA based tournaments, playing in the same age division for both.  This ranking requirement applies to Open events, as well as all Senior age division events. Events where age divisions are combined will only count for the lowest age division, e.g. combined 35 and 45 doubles will be considered 35 doubles.  It is advisable for entrants to indicate on their tournament entry form that they do not wish to be included in the draw, if not entered in the division they originally requested.

Players and/or doubles teams must have a minimum of one (1) win in the above tournaments to be considered for NITA ranking.  Ranking requirements for USTA/Midwest Sectional Ranking are listed on their website, www.midwest.usta.com.